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The Garden House, UK. Thanks for posting. Interesting shot of Japanese wisteria growing on wall, as opposed to pergola.


Do this as a wedding dance in an outdoor gazebo, with a bride in white (can't see the groom's face...his back is to us as they dance), and the words above spell LOVE. Maybe a dove too? Something to represent God.


I'm not unhappy. I just miss you so much. I need to make you happy. It's my mission in life and right now I can't do that so if anything I'm just down because I can't see you smile. I'm not anxious anymore I just need to see your beautiful face and than all will be on its way to being right in the world


"The Pedestrian wasted no time on the landscape but set out at once with the determined stride of a good walker who has lately realized that he will have to walk farther than He intended." --Out of the Silent Planet


String art. Love the idea of dressing up a fence this way. What should it say though. Certainly not this.......wud be cute in a bakyard wth kid stuff....