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How to Make a Roman Centurion Helmet

How to Make a Roman Soldier Costume. I was planning a special event that called upon 4 stout roman soldiers to carry a beauty queen around on a throne. My budget didn't allow for the rental of 4 adult roman soldier costumes. So this is how I did it.


Floral embroidery on Antique Soldiers’ Helmets by Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė


Poster shows a cocky Uncle Sam, wearing soldier's boots and smoking a cigarette, facing a German butcher wearing a blood-soaked apron and a soldier's helmet. From: Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Italian WW1 Propaganda Posters

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Details about Original Russian Soviet VDV airborne infantry helmet cap, Paratroops hat - 1960s

100% ORIGINAL Soviet Paratroops Helmet Cap. Russian, Soviet airborne, VDV Soldiers Helmet for the Skydiving MADE IN SOVIET UNION (USSR) RARE 1980s. #russianarmy #russian #russiansouvenirs #russianstyle #army #military #sovietarmy #soviet


Roman/Greek Soldier Helmet - Plastic