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minez. fresh picture taken a few hours after it was done. "sola fide." "by faith alone."

The Five Solas identified the distinctive theological positions held by the reformers and continue to serve as distinguishing characteristics of Reformed Theology. Here is a brief description of each.


Sola gratia. Sola fide. Soli Deo gloria <3

from Hand Lettering Co.

Sola Fide

Sola Fide — Hand Lettering Co.

"Salvation and Justification" - FREE printable (PDF). This journal studies the Catholic understanding of Salvation and Justification, as it contrasts with Sola fide ("Faith alone"). From the Coming Home Network (


Reformation Day - Faith Alone printable

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Five Solas Wood Plaque from Significat

The "five solas" of the Protestant Reformation helped characterize and define the movement in a way that is God-centered, simple, and easy-to-remember. Perfect as a Christian-themed gift for the family. The plaque reads, Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) Sola Gratia (Grace Alone) Sola Fide (...


Sola fide (Latin: by faith alone), also historically known as the doctrine of justification by faith alone, is a Christian theological doctrine that distinguishes most Protestant denominations from Catholicism, Eastern Christianity, and some in the Restoration Movement.