My basic face for #softsummer clients. #clinique lip in pink spice, #no7 blush in Soft damson, base and contour shadow from #revlon rich temptations, and #avon eyeliner in lavender grey. I also use #almay mascara in plum (not pictured).

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Breaane Kerr: My favorite Soft Summer swatched and worn Soft Summer makeup by Younique! Send me a PM if you have an questions or you can order direct from my website below!

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Best Makeup Colours Soft Summer cause it turns out that after all this time of believing that I was a winter, I am actually a soft summer deep. Fancy that!

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Soft Summer Color Type: Intermediate between the color type “summer” and “autumn”. Soft and lowly contrasting color type. Season Color Analysis | Your Elegant Dress Online More

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Summer Makeup Comparisons. LIGHT SPRING makeup is light, sheer, and delicate. Light Cool Pastels. Milky. Creamy. Sugary. Confection. Cotton Candy Land. Fluffy. It is similar to Light Spring but is more Cool than warm. Light Summer has a slight bit of Springs yellow warmth added to it, but it remains more cool than warm. TRUE SUMMER is 100% Cool, light-medium, sheer and cool. Like True Winter, True Summer cares most about coolness, but on a lighter level. Lots of blue, mauve, pastel pinks…

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"Dream Girl hair is romantic, soft, & pretty but undone and a little messy in all the right ways" Brittany Sullivan #manespiration

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Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pale Mauve.... My go to "nude" for soft summer. KMP - Close to my Zyla Romantic Color... Though DYT puts me in Type 1 !

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