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Social Services Food Stamps

Homeless child in Pennsylvania, US Still proud of your country?


1939 rural Oregon during the Great Depression by Dorothea Lange


As people become more dependent on the government, that's used to justify calling for more government for people to become even more dependent on. And support for limits on government is portrayed as hateful, uncaring, and immoral.

GA COMPASS - Common Point of Access to Social Services

"....Amanda Leigh Vosburg... unlawful neglect of a child....charge of fraudulently using food stamps...abandoned her.....2-year-old child at a home where two people were later arrested on methamphetamine charges....contacted a stranger through Facebook in an attempt to give the child away....receiving help from the Department of Social Services food stamp program for two children. Investigators determined one of the children was being cared for by a grandmother..."


Republicans want us to hand out our tax money to the very rich and corporations but complain about social programs that help the poor and homeless.


Truth be told...


Why do Republicans block better pay and benefits for people in the military?

And they say they can't afford to cut defense for education, infrastructure, social services? BULLSHIT.