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9 Strategies to Help Kids Cope With Social Exclusion and Friendship Breakups

Você afasta as pessoas? Veja 12 hábitos que causam isso - Bolsa de Mulher


Kathryn Stinton on

Wise words - help children to regulate their emotions rather than control their behaviour.


The five richest families in the UK are now wealthier than the bottom 20 per cent of the entire population, according to a briefing drawn up by Oxfam. That means just five households have more money than 12.6 million people put together – almost the same as the number of people living below the poverty line.

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Welsh pupils disadvantaged by lack of foreign language options

Decision to scrap languages from Welsh Baccalaureate will disadvantage Welsh economy and culture, ministers told


Your face could be making you unpopular: 'Cold-looking' people are harshly judged by others

Facial clues such as warmth and competence influence how social exclusion is…

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Myths, Folktales, and Fairy Tales

Myths, Folktales, and Fairytales Teacher's Guide |

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Top graduates missing out on banking jobs for lacking 'polish'

City workers In Canary Wharf