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Colin Kaepernick's Failure To Vote Tarnishes His Credibility As A Social Activist

Since Kaepernick didn't vote Tuesday, his message about social injustice now rings hollow.

Odetta Holmes (12/31/1930 – 12/2/2008; Birmingham, AL,), known as Odetta, was a singer, actress, guitarist, songwriter, and a civil and human rights activist, often referred to as "The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement".


Why are people scared to call themselves a feminist. Does no one consult the dictionary? : the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities


Emmeline Pankhurst (born Goulden; 15 July 1858 – 14 June 1928) was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. In 1999 Time named Pankhurst as one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century, stating: "she shaped an idea of women for our time; she shook society into a new pattern from which there could be no going back."


Most people don't know what feminism IS much less they only equate it to recent events that occurred in the 70's as opposed to its entire legacy and history. Women today are dumbed down and take for granted the sacrifices and suffering of their ancestors.


Horace Julian Bond (born January 14, 1940), is an American social activist and leader in the American civil rights movement, politician, professor, and writer. While a student at Morehouse College he helped establish the SNCC. He was the first President of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Bond left Morehouse in 1961, and returned to complete his BA in English in 1971 at age 31. In 1965, he was one of 8 African Americans elected to the Georgia House of Representatives.


If you need scientific studies provided irrefutable proof that a woman is a person....go sit in the corner


Meet the extraordinary social activist and philanthropist from India, Dr. Sunitha Krishnan. Most famous for being the co-founder of Prajwala, a charitable foundation and institution that helps women and girls who suffered from human trafficking and prostitution to find shelter and a new life by giving them education so they can start new careers. "The time is not for guilt and shame... the time is for action".Sunitha Krishnan