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Sakho's Swarovski-studded Superfly II

It doesn't look like you could play soccer in these. I guess they are for the preppy girls.


O just completed her 1st year of tap and ballet lessons, and she LOVED it! She spends most of her time dancing and putting on shows, so he...


10,000 touches a day to improve ball mastery

The key is for the players to get lots of proper touches and for the younger players to correct bad habits and focus on mechanics. The older players or players who are technically ahead need to work on these skills at game speed. Cleaning Soccer cleats, cleaning soccer boots #Cleats #Soccer


This Princess Wears Cleats Soccer Softball Hoodie Sweatshirt-2XL | Hoodie | Fun Ladies Sports Shirts

This princess wears cleats Soccer Hoodie Sweatshirt- I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU GWT THIS FOR ME!