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30 January 2015 : Soap making for Beginners, 108 Soap ideas (1-50): Many Creative Ideas for Beginning Handmade Soaper (Soap making... by Aris Key and Photo Book

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Scaffolding Board Shelving Ladder - reclaimed

Scaffolding Board Shelving Ladder - reclaimed | eBay


Craft Fair Secrets – How to Make a Great Craft Fair Display -

How to make a great craft fair display - catch your customers eye and attract them to your stall for a closer look


Advert For John Knight & Sons, Soap Makers After the repeal of the soap tax in 1853, the British soap trade flourished. Soap was initially produced locally by chemists, druggists and grocers, and was kept in large blocks from which smaller wedges would be cut. Larger manufacturers started to mass-produce soap using new technologies and improvements in the science of soap making and so for the first time, everyone could afford to buy it.

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The Best of Make Your Own Recipes for Kids

The Best of Make-Your-Own Recipes - Busy Kids=Happy Mom

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8 Ingredients Every DIY Soap & Beauty Maker Should Have and 4 All Natural Recipes You Can Make With Those Ingredients

Believe it or not, you can start making your own all natural beauty products…


Interesting soap on a "rope" using ribbon Easy Shaving Soap A Cold Process Soap Recipe by Anne-Marie Faiola INGREDIENTS: 12 oz. Coconut Oil 12 oz. Palm Oil 12 oz. Olive 11.9 oz. Distilled Water 1 heaping tablespoon of Clay (I used Bentonite Clay but any will work – it’s used to provide slip for the razor) 5.36 oz. Lye (2% supefat)