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SLOPE - Concrete Soap Holder/ Dish

SLOPE is a concrete soap holder designed to help prolong your soap by keeping it dry. It does this with a built in drainage system designed to allow water to not only run off the piece into the sink, but also using the inherent water absorbing properties of the concrete material itself. Cast from a slice of highly textured wood, this unique soap holder not only looks great, it also keeps your soap firmly in place from sliding around and making a mess. It is both beautiful as well as highly…

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Soap Holder - Keeps the soap from getting soggy and melting because it's sitting in water

Since 1950 when developed by Marguerite and Arnold, the Provendi rotating soap has maintained its authenticity. It is still manufactured in France and remains practical and economical. Its smooth foam leaves on your skin a delicate fragrance from your childhood. 100% Vegetable oils, Almond Milk fragrance. £25 each replacement soaps available