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Spectacular Photos of Bubbles Frozen in Frigid Temperatures

Spectacular Photos of Bubbles Frozen in Frigid Temperatures

"Panda" Desiigner (Official Music Video) Remix written by Noelito Flow & Classy. I do not own the instrumental. For questions or concerns please direct messa...

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Photographing Bubbles

Tree Foregrounded in a Soap Bubble Trees reflected in a soap bubble. I'm amazed at how the tree at the top seems so foregrounded. I've been experimenting with ISO and aperture today. I love the sharpness of the tree here and how you can actually see shadows on the trunk and branches.

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This image reminds me of something you would look at under a microscope such as cells or organisms. It is such a simple image yet it seems to hold a lot of detail. I think this topic could be a great starting point for a project. This image could create such a great abstract pattern. The monochrome colours give it a very modern feel but it still maintains its natural element.

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Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail

bubble popping sequence:

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Computer Lays the Prettiest Brick Walls Since Eladio Dieste

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10 Inspiring Quotes You NEED to Know!

Childhood memories of carefree days filled with tea parties, building forts, games of hide and go seek until the sun began to set and running through fields chasing sun-kissed iridescent soap bubbles…

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bubbles - what a great shot, I love the sparkles even if they were photoshopped (not saying they were, I don't know)

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