Princess Snow White or Snow for short is the heroine and the titular character of Disney's first animated feature-length film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs since 1937. She is a young Princess; the "Fairest of Them All" who, in her innocence, cannot see any of the evil in the world.

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sneezy From Snow White | (my personal images are used in my audio e-books for children 3-7 and Illustrative Poetry, available at

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An original 1937 movie poster insert from the North American release of Snow White. Distributed by RKO Pictures. Measures 36" x 14". This particular poster was rolled, never folded.

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Day 37 – July 9, 2013 I have “Heigh Ho” in my head this morning, as I think about the transition from vacation mode back into reality. Time off is always wonderful, but as a food addict, it is difficult for me to keep a laid back attitude around healthy living. I tend to feed anxiety about having everything perfect with a need to control food because everything else feels out of control. It’s broken, I know. Today I am reminded of God’s mercy & His call to imperfect progress in Jesus Christ.

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