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Snow Next Week

Lots of winter activities This one would be cute with a little bucket or something next to it for students to write guesses on and than check at the end of the week


~Snowy Day, Oxford, England~ Wasn't snowy when we went. My family took a week long boat ride, we operated the boat, just like the one in the picture.


Next year subject to my brothers house not falling down. Back in one piece but bruised and battered. For some inexplicable reason, I snowboard backwards. The kids are embarrassed and my instructor speechless. I'll crack it, if it kills me. Which it will! More lessons are required. HL PS Survived snowboarding but fell off my bike on the last day and took the skin off most of my leg. Won't be going to the Spa at Bellagio's......

from Harper's BAZAAR

So Cool It Hurts: New York Fashion Week Street Style


winter beauty - but just a visit! anywhere mid west ok, such as Terrace Park where trees and streets like this. reminds me of when i was little. seen this many mornings in the am as i waited to see if my school was closed!