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Snow globe nails!! She painted her nails and added a big clear bubble of polish to give it a snow globe effect!

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100 Festive Nail Art Ideas for Christmas

Note from Mel: I could use the Jamberry Black-tipped manicure. Then use a black nail paint pen to draw the tree on the ring fingers. Place a single glitter star and then paint all fingers with a top coat of clear glitter polish. LOVE THIS for next year.

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Christmas Nail Art – 31 Christmas Nail Art Designs

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Christmas Nail Art ~ Guest post at WPP

Christmas in a snowglobe nail art design! snowman christmas tree winter holiday nails | Sassy Shelly

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Skullglobe Enamel Pin

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Snow globe nails are the latest beauty trend to obsess over but never actually try

Snowglobe nails refer to when you stick a tiny globe filled with glitter and other delights onto your nail. Like your grandma’s favourite snowglobe, but on your nails. Get it? They’re created by crafting a dome out of gel nail polish, filling this with glitter and water or mineral oil, and then gluing the filled dome onto the surface of the nail. When you shake your hands, the glitter will shake too. The latest highly Instagrammable beauty trend for manicures.

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DIY Snow Globes Using Christmas Lights

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