Snoop dogg dead

The guy on the left leg is broken... I don't even wanna talk about the other guy.

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Tupac Shakur featuring Snoop Dogg - Wanted Dead Or Alive ‌‌ - Bohemia Af...

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4 guys walked up a hill, while I was waking downhill to work. 2 were staring at me, I said 'asalama alykum' while staring back. One looked away. The tallest one kept staring. I stopped dead in my tracks while staring back. He looked away and under his breath, he called me a dog to his friends. I raised my voice and said BOW WOW! All 4 glanced back in disbelief and shock. Perhaps they thought I didn't hear them. Or perhaps calling someone a dog is an insult in the Arab world, but I was…

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