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SIA. It says it all really. I'm happy to be in the back room, having a nice life. Someone else can take the limelight. That was not meant to rhyme.

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Janet Reno Wiki: Age, Justice, Controversy, Net Worth, SNL, & Things to Know

"What a Wonderful World" sung by Louis Armstrong, Kermit the Frog, and now ... The Church Lady. :) BTW: A sense of humor is a GOOD thing; some of you 'elites' should try it some time.

SNL. Original cast, first year wiki. To me, no comedy cast beats the original SNL team. The later addition of Bill Murray was great, too. Bought the whole DVD series of that cast. Makes me laugh so hard I can hardly breathe!

The original "Milton" cartoon shorts Mike Judge did for SNL and MTV's Liquid Television circa '91 (that the 1999 movie was based on ~

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