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Snickers Direct

Snickers 2 x 3211 Kit Inc Snickers Direct TShirt, 2 x 9111 Kneepads A PTD Belt, 3211 Snickers Trousers

why is it that all the beautiful ones are homicidal maniacs? Well...? Sherlock. Moriarity. Andrew Scott. Batman. Epic


Snickers 2 x 3213 Kit Inc Snickers Direct TShirt, New Rip-Stop Snickers Trouser

Basically, the USOC has decided that a group of people, VAGUELY organized by a non-profit, getting together in a spirit of friendly competition and togetherness to celebrate the spirit of olympics (and the olympics themselves) with their hard earned crafts is “denigrating” to “real athletes.” (yes, direct quotes). ::blinks::

12/05/16-HOUSTON - “I’m super sweet. Like the candy bar.” Please direct all Snickers adoption inquiries to