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Energy Clearing is an important part of Healing husbandry. If your Aura becomes clogged and 'dirty' it can cause 'dis-ease' Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others

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Sage, Lavendar, Rose: How To Make A Smudge Stick This Gorgeous

Infuse some floral goodness into your home this summer with these gorgeous smudge sticks!

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Walk out a the front or back door, close it, and smudge around the door and door frame. Leave the bundle (safely) outside to burn itself out, and then bury it in your back yard. 9. Stay outside for a short while. Let the energies of the house reboot themselves and work. After about 5 minutes go back into the house and that is it done

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Cleanse & and Bless Your Home with White Sage

Smudging is a Native American ceremony that you can easily do in your own home. It removes negative energy immediately and also odors! Download our free instructions sheet and try it for yourself! It’s a wonderful way to make your home feel good.

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12 Healing Crystals and Their Meanings + Uses

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