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Shocking Facts About Smoking (Infographic)

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Infographic: Shocking Smoking Facts You’ve Never Heard Before
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Health risk associated with smoking | Here are more of the health risks associated with smoking:

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Too all those trying to stop smoking. Scary #Infographic.

LOOK: Why You Should Stop Smoking

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Here we've complied a comprehensive list of the effects of smoking on the human body and it doesn't make pleasant reading for the 1.35 billion smokers

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Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Some of these harmful effects are immediate. Find out the health effects of smoking and what happens to your body when you quit. #Smokefree

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An interesting infographic on the dangers and health implications of smoking.

The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking- Fact is smoking cessation could be a very hard task but anyone can do it. Some may have tried but still end up back at the same bad habit. This is due to the effect of nicotine which tells the brain to crave for more of it. Nicotine is as highly addictive as heroin and cocaine. Eventually, an individual gets too emotionally and physically hooked on nicotine. To successfully quit, a smoker must make a commitment to himself to quit and to stay…

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