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from The Local Vegan

BBQ Bean Sandwiches Topped with Creamy Coleslaw

BBQ Bean Sandwiches and Smokey Green Beans — The Local Vegan™ | Official Website,


Cheat sheet on meat smoking times and temperatures from Bradley Smoker! Maybe one day I will attempt this on someone's smoker.

from GrillinFools

My Spin on Oklahoma Joe's Smoked Beans

Oklahoma Joe's Beans | I take maybe the best smoked bean recipe on the planet and tweak it. Sorry, it’s what I do. Either way, you will be highly impressed with how these smoked beans turn out |


Grilling brisket is daunting even for the Alphas among us who always seem to end up working the grill at BBQ's; doing it wrong = disaster; but these tips will help you do brisket like a BBQ pit-master