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Total Body Smith Machine Workout - How To Use A Smith Machine

from Muscle & Fitness

Erin Stern's Ultimate Leg Day: Smith Machine Workout

Erica Stern's Ultimate Leg Day: Smith Machine Workout


Glutes meet smith machine: prepare to be sculpted.


My favorite lower body workout on the Smith machine Weighted donkey kick 15reps, kneeling squat 15reps, leg press 10reps, smith squat 10reps. Repeat 3xs Getting fast muscle hydration with my @ehplabs BCAAs. All of their supplements are the best Use code amanda10 for 10% off


Video – Workout and Exercises on a Smith Machine Women

Glutes on the smith machine..yes! I knew this could be done.


Smith machine curtsey lunge with knee up. Bend knees and drop like you would a regular lunge, but instead bring back leg to the opposite side - like a curtsey. As you lift leg back up, squeeze core and lift knew to chest . Repeat for full set and switch legs . - Hashtag #Gym_videos and @ us in your captions for a possible feature. IG|@leanmachine21