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Last year, we hunted down an awesome bunch of tiny tatts to inspire those who are keen to have just a little bit of ink work done, rather than a full sleeve or giant piece of (painful) art! Since then, we've stumbled across a lot more extremely cool, yet tiny, tattoo designs that we think you'll love! While these may be basic, there is nothing basic about their effect! Take a look!


20 Tiny Tattoo Ideas Even the Most Needle-Shy Can't Resist

Not all tattoos have to be noticed by everyone - click for pictures of small, hidden tattoos that we're loving right now.


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Mother/Daughter Tattoos | The daughter wrote, ???She???s the only one who has felt my heartbeat from the inside, the one I want to be like when I???m older, and occasionally my carbon-copy. There is no comparison to a mother???s love. God just so happened


27 tatuagens de amor entre irmãs

I can think of some girls who I would love to hve this with or something tiny and cute like that... any placement where the person wanted, it could all be different. @decoRevolution @sarahbutlerrazo @mareesocha @marissastar @heatherNspivey


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