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Small Room Air Conditioner

from Lifehacker

Cool A Small Room or Tent with this Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner. Has the ability to cool a small room or tent. This is genius. About time!

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Designed as a portable solution for personal comfort, the Evapolar personal air conditioner is a compact "climate control system" that provides cool, moist air to the area of a room where it sits. The quiet, fully contained system plugs into an outlet and needs water to operate, making it ideal for small workspaces and other environments where full-sized air conditioning units are not practical.


AIR CONDITIONING WINDOW UNIT SMALL EXTERIOR COVER by AC Safe. $22.82. Highly resistant to sunlight, mold, mildew, moisture and temperature extremes. Reduce heating costs. Heavy duty, 100% fleeced lined automotive grade vinyl. Stop cold air from drafting through air conditioners during cold months. Eliminate the need to remove and reinstall A/C unit. Air conditioner small exterior cover. Excellent for both central and window units. It is an attractive neutral ...

from Jolly Air Melbourne

Advantages of Installing Ductless Air Conditioners From Mitsubishi

A mini-split doesn’t have ducts that network throughout the entire building. Instead, this ductless device offers cooling and heating in zones. The installation of such A/C units is planned first and then placed in specific locations in the building.

For Ruby's room this summer? Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner: The Original Genuine Handy Cooler in Pink. Cools air up to 30F. Runs on USB or batteries. Genuine version with logo: Handy Cooler.: Computers & Accessories