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Okay, all of the Han Solo costumes on the internet SUCK, so this is the real deal. Should be able to come up with something similar. . .

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heart 4 The blade on this sword is beautiful. Damascus steel was made from wootz steel, a steel developed in India around 300 BC. #Fantasy #Swords #AEvermore

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One of the best "Small of the Back" holsters on the market today! The Gold Line Small of Back (SOB) Holster by Gould and Goodrich is one of their Gold Line of Concealment Holsters, Belts & Accessories. This holster is designed to carry your g

Modified Small of the Back (M-SOB) Holster Rides comfortably and close to your body for better concealment. This holster uses belt loops at the front and rear to pull your handgun tight against your body for better concealment. The angle this holster positions your handgun at allows faster drawing with full combat grip, more comfortable wearing, and much safer use. $34.99

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