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SIDS_1.jpg: The Small Island Developing States Conference closed out with a taste of Bahamian culture...

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Help small island states win their battle against climate change

Help small island states win their battle against climate change Earth’s fate is inextricably linked to 52 nations threatened by rising s...


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#UNworldEnviromentDay #Sarasota Media Release According to UNEP RONA, Sarasota County was selected because of its positive and proactive environmental track record. The WED theme is Small Island Developing States, and Sarasota, which is itself a coastal community, faces similar environmental challenges as small island nations.

Entrepreneurship in Small Island States and Territories :: <P><EM>Entrepreneurship in Small Island States and Territories</EM> is the first publication to consider the ‘creative’ side of enterprise in small island states and territories. Rather than playing out as remote, vulnerable and dependent backwaters of neo-colonialism, the world’s small island states and territories (with resident populations of less than 1 million) show considerable resourcefulness in facing up to the very...

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King tide pummels Kiribati

Thousands of people living on the low-lying atoll of Kiribati (pronounced keer-ree-bahss) in the central Pacific were hit by waves that reached 2.87 metres (9 and a half feet) today. Farmland was swept out to sea and fresh water wells contaminated. Betio Hospital in the south of the island was flooded when waves breached sea defence walls.

2014 Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States


The Challenge of Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)