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Branch out with a tree for all seasons

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Trees for small gardens: Olea europaea, the olive tree, grows slowly in our climate and this makes them perfect for containers. Pinch out the tips when the trees reach around 1.5m to keep them bushy. Photo by Paul Debois.

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Best Unexpected Plants You Can Grow in Containers

"Don’t think you can plant trees in containers? Think again. These birch trees are placed in large containers, and because the root ball is kept from growing outward, the whole tree remains smaller and more manageable."

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Inspiration for creating a retreat in a small yard - it's a bit busy for my taste but I love how cozy it is.

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Trees for small gardens: Laurus nobilis, the bay tree, will grow to 12m as a tree, but can be kept small when topiarised, especially in a container. Photo by Jason Ingram.

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15 best trees for small gardens: Beautiful small trees

Hawthorn is a native British tree that illuminates hedgerows with its white blossom in spring. But some varieties make great small trees.

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Trees for small gardens: Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea Group, copper beech, is a large tree, but it can be pleached to provide a screen. Tie in young stems to form a framework, then trim annually. Photo by Sarah Cuttle.

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If we could acquire the side of the house then would be ideal to have part grass (for the kids and trampoline) but then patio for grown ups. Have a look exactly where it's worth having the patio dependant on the sun. This could totally effect what we bother doing in the front garden. We'd be man not to have built in beds I think

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