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In pictures: Knut the polar bear

Knut the polar bear

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Snow Leopard Cub - more at

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Tiny animals related to KANGAROOS are incredibly sweet

In the wild, being able to glide means the animals are able to reach for food and even esc...

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cheetah cub #Leopard

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Cuteness overload! Former city worker quits career to care for goats

Who wouldn't want to spend their days with this cute little guy??

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Cute animal pictures: 100 of the cutest animals!

Is that a huge thumb or a tiny mouse? Neither! This little rascal is a feathertail glider.

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Thistle be a big adventure: Baby dormice nursed back to health after they were found helpless in nest after mother died

Their mother was found dead just a meter away from the nest but the little ones seem keen to carry on playing as normal

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I used to be so Scared of my friend's hedgehog... But look how Cute! 'Is that a camera'

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