This print celebrates the unique traits of the House of Slytherin. *Print does not come with any frame or matte. *Prints are for personal use

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These drawings are just...beautiful. Thank you to the artist for taking the time to put the imaginings of millions on paper.

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Said S L Y T H E R I N, ““We’ll teach just those whose ancestry’s purest.” ”

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We're not all like Hitler and Stalin, we actually have hearts. Just like the snake, we are easily misjudged. When have you ever read a story where a snake was a good guy? Maybe once or twice. How about a lion, or a badger, or an eagle? Exactly. Just because we've had some noteworthy villains enter our house, that doesn't mean we're all bad. Just because a group of people all share one, two, maybe three traits; that doesn't mean that they're all the exact same person.

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