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Now this could come in VERY handy - The Non Slip Loop Knot. The strongest loop knot you can tie.

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Slip Knot - How to tie a Slip Knot - This version of a slip knot is very quick and easy to tie. It is technically a “slip noose” and is made using the fisherman’s Uni Knot with just one or two turns.

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How to Make Easy Boho Leather Bracelets

Learn how to tie a leather slip knot! It's easier than you think. Pin and save this super cute Boho Bracelet DIY Tutorial from Pop Shop America.

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DIY Projects to Make Anklets

Wearing anklets is a trend for the season. Many celebrities have styled their looks with this accessory. They use the pretty anklets to pair their high heels so that they can show the beauty of their ankle. Hey, do you want to show your beauty of your ankle as well? If you say yes, you[Read the Rest]

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Beading ideas - How to make a Sliding knot. I have bracelets on my website that have the adjustable cord. It is a great way for every size wrist to be able to enjoy my bracelets.

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