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Green Idea Reviews- Lots of great ideas that are eco-friendly and easy on the pocketbook. Also rates them on effectiveness which is great to know!

Classic Gainclone amplifier based on LM1875/LM3886/LM3875 (...) IC's (all amplificiation circuitry on a single chip), you would be surprised how amazingly good these can sound, courtesy of short signal paths, low capacitance, advanced R&D and manufacturing, they feature low distortion and very fast slew rates.

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Lawsuit: Mold in county-owned home spurred family’s illness. Get your home or business tested.

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8 Netflix hacks to completely change the way you binge

As it turns out, there are a whole slew of super secret hacks that can make your viewing experience more convenient and more enjoyable than ever before. #netflix #hacks

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Marathon MA-5050 PRO Series Amplifier by Marathon. $877.49. * Output Power 8 (Ohms): 2 X 1200W* Output Power 4 (Ohms): 2 X 1900W* Output Power 2 (Ohms): 2 X 2500W* Output Power Bridge 8 (Ohms): 3600W* Output Power Bridge 4 (Ohms): 5000W* Frequency Response @ Half Power:15Hz - 25Khz (+0/-1Db)* Thd+Noise At 1Khz Full Power: 0.03%* Imd 60Hz & 7Khz 4:1: 0.038%* Signal To Noise Ratio: 102Db* Slew Rate (Input Filter Limited): 40V/Us* Damping Factor 1Khz@8 Ohm: 400:1* Input Sensit...

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Wahoo Fitness – Connecting iPhones to Fitness- ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors for running and cycling, such as heart rate monitors, speed and cadence and stride sensors

Viva vagus: Wandering nerve could lead to range of therapies

SUPER-HIGHWAY: The vagus nerve runs from the brain stem down the neck and into the abdomen, reaching a slew of organs in the process.

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Save money by refinancing your federal and private student loans with SoFi. Apply online today to find out your rate.

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Instagram Adds 100 Million Users in 6 Months, Now at 600 Million /