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Sleep Apnea Side Effects

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This Graphic Explains How Lack of Sleep Can Negatively Affect Your Brain

You know that it’s bad to not get enough sleep, but do you know how bad? This infographic explains all the terrible side effects—like anger, cravings, and taking unnecessary risks—that can come from getting too little sleep every night.


Effects of Sleep Deprivation #infographic

Effects of #Sleep Deprivation #infographic #health


Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized with pauses in breathing, shallow breathing or infrequent breathing. These pauses can last several seconds or several minutes. More than extreme snoring, the paused breathing causes carbon dioxide to build up in the bloodstream. When the brain and body don’t get the proper amount of oxygen, many harmful and sometimes life-threatening side effects can occur. Read more:

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What is Birdshot Uveitis?

Papworth Hospital Sleep Clinic Linda's Story. The Side Effects In The Treatment Of Central Serous Chorioretinopathy


I seriously wish that I knew all this was related to Narcolepsy years much time wasted.