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The Returned (French: Les Revenants) is a television drama series created by Fabrice Gobert and shown on Canal+ in France, BeTV in Belgium, Channel4 in UK and SVT in Sweden. Eight episodes were shown from 26 November to 17 December 2012. It is an adaptation of the 2004 film They Came Back (in French titled Les Revenants). Season 2 is to air in 2014. In 2013 it won an International Emmy for best drama series.


Sons and Daughters - Australian TV show. - my mum hated missing this program. I hated it!! I remember the gold channel starting on sky and she watched the reruns religiously!

from AleHorn

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

“She is not like my gods. My gods….are as real as you and me. They laugh. They bleed. They rush around the skies” — Lagertha Sylph (Valkyrie) - air elemental

from The Musings of Thomas Verenna

South Park on the History Channel, Ancient Aliens, and the Public Understanding of History

ancient space suit | This is either a space suit or a scuba suit. We await the next History ...