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Badger - Badgers can be fierce animals and will protect themselves and their young at all costs, are capable of fighting off dog-packs and fighting off much larger animals, such as wolves and bears. However, badgers can be tamed and then kept as pets. - Wikipedia

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Cute baby animals: 100 reasons to go 'Ahhhh'

Baby Stinker -- sooo cute, but sooo stinky! Not fun bathing the dogs when sprayed. (Hubby got it once with the dogs when taking them out at night...Glad it wasn't me!)

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Pair of Maned Wolves The maned wolf is also known for its distinctive odor, which has earned it the nickname "skunk wolf."

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Maine Coon or American Longhair, is a domestic breed with a distinctive physical appearance & sharp hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. In Maine it is considered the official State Cat.

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30 unlikely animal friendships

After being treated at a wildlife hospital, this baby badger and fox cub became the firmest of friends. <3

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I love you, tiny fake me - January 6, 2017