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How To Remove Skin Tags - When you become older, you may start to notice certain changes throughout your body, and especially on the skin. You may notice more freckles, dark spots, and lots of people also start to develop skin tags... #health #skin #care #tags #women


Make sure you ALWAYS buy your skin care products from a dermatologist office. Dermatologists KNOW the skin better than any other Dr. or Plastic Surgeon out there! Visit our website for a list of our medical grade prescription products! #contourderm #contour #skincare #skin #products #allergy #irritation #medicalgrade #RX #diy #beauty


Pubic Hair Removal - Tips When Waxing...I feel REALLY gross and uncomfortable for repinning this but might have good tips! Hahahaha.


Ladies: Do you suffer from PCOS, endometriosis or painful/irregular periods? Our NEW Fertility Tea can help! It is designed to nourish the reproductive system as a whole, not just to help make bambinos! It has been developed by our ambassador and natural fertility specialist, @Natalie Kringoudis so this blend is spot on. Tag your friends who you think may be interested as this new blend an assist many women! Xx #yourtea

BRILLIANT website carrying lots of quality brands of make-up and skincare - ALL completely CRUELTY FREE = Product AND its ingredients (most products have their ingredients put on or in animals under cruel, painful and fatal conditions) are not tested on animals.


My blend is gentle, safe and perfectly balanced to naturally support hormones. My herbs benefit ovulation and regulates your cycle to maximize your fertility and conception potential. For ladies preparing to or ladies trying to conceive, suffering with PCOS, Endometriosis or other reproductive health issues, I am your new best friend in a teabag. I have been created by renowned natural fertility specialist and Your Tea ambassador, Nat Kringoudis. Get yours at

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Can You Use Vitamin C Skincare If You Have Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin type (or even if you just want to treat your skin carefully) then you might have thought vitamin C skincare was not for you. Let's be honest, vitamin C skincare has a bad rep for being 'stingy', irritating and generally pretty 'Ouchy'... but there might just be a type of vitamin C that you can use that will get you all the collagen boosting, youth protecting powers of this skin vitamin