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"Each winter Romeo the black wolf descends from the hills of Alaska's Tongass National Forest to play with domesticated dogs on their winter walks. For the past six years, wildlife photographer John Hyde has been following the friendly animal. And gaining the huge wolf's trust has allowed him to take these intimate photos" ~ Romeo plays with a domesticated dog by the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska


PINE is a spiritual cleanser. Because it is evergreen, it also Draws Steady Money. Cleansing Incense, Floor Wash, and Bath: The Iroquois burned PINE Wood Chips, Needles or Pine Resin as an incense when moving into a vacant house, to Drive Out Spirits. If mixed with Camphor, the result is stronger. Placing PINE NEEDLES in a bath is said to Remove Mental Negativity. Pine-Tar Soap also has this effect. Pine-Sol, a commercial PINE-Scented Cleaner, can be dosed with PINE NEEDLES


NC Wyeth - Born in MA in 1882 - worked on " true, solid American subjects–nothing foreign about them " in early career, mostly westerns - later worked on medieval and fairy tale subject matters - most famous for his 'Treasure Island' illustrations - created over 3,000 paintings, illustrated 112 books - died in train accident in 1945...

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Military Slang during the Vietnam War

The helicopter represents the part of the play where the grooms are shooting down at the brides killing them.

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Mary, Queen of Scots

Beatrix Bethóc Gilchrest De Angus, 1184-1270. She is my 24th Great-Grandmother on my mothers side. She married Sir Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland.

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Native American Design Super Soft Polar Fleece Throw Blanket Southwest Gift Idea

The Achomawi, along with their linguistic relatives the Atsugewi, are also known as Pit River Indians. Their homeland was located along the Pit River in northeastern California, from Big Bend to Goose Lake, extending to the present boundary between California and Oregon......