Sister Helen Prejean

In Helen Prejean: Death Row's Nun, Joyce Duriga explores Sister Helen's life growing up in upper-middle-class Louisiana, and her growing awareness of the injustice of the death penalty, its disproportionate targeting of the poor and minorities, and her introduction to death-row inmates Patrick Sonnier and Robert Lee Willie. Through this book, readers will witness her life's work with victims and their families, and see how she came to understand her role in prison ministry, not only as...

Born in Baton Rouge, Sister Helen Prejean is well-known for her anti-death penalty advocacy. She wrote "Dead Man Walking," after working with inmates at Angola Prison.

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Federal prosecutors want the nun who inspired the movie "Dead Man Walking" to be prevented from testifying in the case of the Boston Marathon bomber, according to court records. At a sidebar conference with U.S. District Court Judge George O'Toole, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's defense team said that they may rest their case as early as today after jurors hear testimony from Sister Helen Prejean, a staunch death penalty opponent. Susan Sarandon played Sister Helen in a 1995 movie starring Sean Penn…

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Oklahoma is about to execute a man who is probably innocent. Please sign Sister Helen's petition to Governor Fallin that requests Fallin grant the man a reprieve so his lawyers can work toward defending his innocence!

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