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Sinus Problems

The Distant Healer Sinus and Lymph Drainage Chart. Click this image to order your copy


Treat your Feet: DIY Foot Cream and Foot Reflexology

How to Use Pressure Points for a Foot Massage: Press firmly on tips of toes-relieve headache and sinus pain. Hold the pressure several seconds at a time.Press firmly small rounded area below smallest toe for pain in shoulder/neck area. Apply pressure up to 20 seconds.Pressure to area below the ball of foot for stomach problems. Firm pressure held for several seconds, then repeat-could be beneficial to digestive system. Pressure to area just in front of ankle on bottom of foot- help knee…

How To Get Rid of a Sinus Headache?
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How To Get Rid of a Sinus Headache?

17 DIY Home Remedies for Sinus Infection:: Cold and allergies are the main triggers to cause sinus. Congestion, facial pressure and pain, thick discolored mucus is some of the symptoms of this sinus natural health tips, natural health remedies


Healthy Juice--combats Sinus issues — Juicing For Health Recipe (makes one portion): Also very good for improving eyesight. 2 carrots 2 oranges 1 green apple A small piece of ginger (optional) It cannot work if offending foods are not reduced or eliminated. Drink regularly until you see an improvement.


Sinus pressure points and how to massage each one of them for drainage and relief. Really helped!

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Natural painkillers

Natural painkillers in your kitchen - ginger for muscle and joint pain, heal sinus problems with horseradish


Natural Sinus Relief -- sounds nasty but if I get desperate.......

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How I Got Rid of My Sinus Infections for Good

Sinus Infections

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No Sleepless Nights! How to Put Someone to Sleep Using Pressure Points

Lack of sleep can affect your personal and professional life and trigger various health problems. While there are many medicinal ways to cure insomnia, one of the natural remedies is using pressure points to induce sleep.