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Simon Sinek's TED Talk on why businesses should start with WHY and work their way out.

Simon Sinke's "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" at TED: (Graphic recording by ImageThink)

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speech 6 | Sketchnotes of Simon Sinek "Start with WHY" | Sketchnotes from Simon Sinek's TED Talk on "Start With WHY" and the Golden Circle. (Done at a meeting of a community of practice on sketchnoting) The video: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Simon Sinek: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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TEDxPugetSound - Simon Sinek - 9/17/09 I take a lot of insight from Simon. This is the first time I heard from him, then immediately bought and read his book.

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What Is Wrong With This Generation?

"Every decision we make in our lives as individuals or as organisations is a piece of communication. It’s our way of saying something about who we are and what we believe. This is why authenticity matters. This is why you have to say and do the things you actually believe, because the things you say and do are symbols of who you are." Simon Sinek: If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business

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