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Simon Hopkinson

My mother’s cheese and onion pie

Cheese n Onion pie. 60g/2oz butter, cut into small pieces. 60g/2oz lard, cut into small pieces. 200g/7oz self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting. pinch salt. For the filling. 25g/1oz butter. 3 onions, roughly sliced. salt and freshly ground white pepper. 250g/9oz Lancashire cheese, (1/2 Feta & 1/2 strong cheddar substitute) coarsely grated. milk, for sealing and glazing.

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How to cook perfect welsh rarebit

If you've never tried this, DO! | Simon Hopkinson recipe welsh rarebit according to "How to cook the perfect welsh rarebit" in the Guardian

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Simon Hopkinson's delicious mushroom, ham and spinach lasagne will definitely have your guests coming back for more.

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Piedmontese peppers

Explore Mediterranean flavours with Simon Hopkinson's recipe for roast peppers – perfect for antipasto or a light lunch. This meal is <a href="">low calorie</a> and provides 231 kcal, 6.2g protein, 16g carbohydrate (of which 15g sugars), 16g fat (of which 2.5g saturates), 6g fibre and 1g salt per portion.

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Parmesan biscuits

You’ll never tire of cooking Simon Hopkinson’s easy cheesy biscuit recipe: perfect for weekend baking.

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My mother’s cheese and onion pie

Make time for a lazy afternoon of cooking with Simon Hopkinson’s homemade cheese and onion pie recipe.

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Calf's liver with sweet and sour onions

Simon Hopkinson’s calf’s liver recipe is best served with softly creamed potatoes, or polenta.

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Scallops beurre blanc

Simon Hopkinson's recipe for scallops will have you devouring every morsel from the plate.

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Coq au vin

This recipe for coq au vin emphasises the rustic charm and comforting flavour of classic French food

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