Fold back pop up Poinsettias silver bells on Craftsuprint designed by Carol Dunne - made by Diane Hitchcox - I printed off onto 250 gram card and cut out.I then cut and scored were needed then attached verse and shapes using foam pads. - Now available for download!

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Scrap gold prices and scrap silver prices per gram or per ounce. Excellent app for gold and silver dealers.

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Great App for live gold and silver prices per gram or per ounce

Occasionally I get the question, What is the silver price per kilo ? After I posted a message on I found out that the calculations required for the conversion of dollars into euros and troy ounces to grams, already done for you on the Kitco website. Here's the chart of spot silver converted into euros per kilo instead of the standard notation: dollars per troy ounce. The silver price per gram is dividing the number to the left of the graph by 1000.

Comes in shapes, Square, Round, Oval, Silver-plated. You simply email me the pic you want in it and I will resize it to fit this beautiful piece. making it one of a kind!!!!! Prices very reasonable starting at $10 and up. The reason I started making these Memorymaker Pendants was a dear friend was missing her grandmother terribly. She had an old photo in her wallet of her grandmother and her which she cherished. I took the photo and cleaned it up a bit and made a beautiful pendant out of it…

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Simple App for Gold and Silver Prices per ounce or per gram in the currency of your choice

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