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Dan Lepard: Cinnamon cake with blackberries


Silver Needle White Tea in London. Silver Needle White Tea is considered as the most elegant, the most gentle, the most delicate white tea. Historically, it was the tea of Chinese elite, and not everybody could afford drinking it. To make this tea, only the upper buds covered with a delicate white nap are used. This tea is made solely of such buds, without leaves, which makes its flavor and aroma especially nice.


Hangover Rescue Tea

White pear and ginger refreshing hangover rescue tea, made with natural ingredients to soothe and revive you the morning after.Other flavours available - Persian pomegranate, citrus chamomile and wild encounter. See full range.A lovely fruit tea to help refresh you the morning after or at anytime of the day (hangover not compulsory!) and also makes a great gift. White pear and ginger tea is a delicate tea blend with silver needle, fresh juicy pear and subtle twist of ginger in a…

from Whittard of Chelsea

Fantasy Flavoured Coffee Gift Set

white silver needle tea. It is said that this tea is only harvested during full moon, by young women with golden scissors. This may be just legend, but is true that there are only a few days each year when the pure silver tips used for this tea can be picked to ensure rain doesn’t damage the young buds. Considered amongst the most beautiful and rare teas in the world, Silver Needles should be carefully prepared using water just off the boil to appreciate its smooth sweet elegance.