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Silicon Valley's culture of failure … and 'the walking dead' it leaves behind

Silicon Vally Startup Failure Culture Succes Myth

silicon vally in Thailand!!

2013's top 10 entry-level salaries in Silicon Valley for college students. We get college students jobs at tech companies in Silicon Valley. http://ww

Silicon Vally Most Valuable Brands 2014

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Access Silicon Vally Presents: San Jose Councilman Chappie Jones on rent control

My dog's name is Da Duke, he is a Golden Retriever. Da Duke deserves to win because he's Avalon's baby. I moved to Avalon Silicon Vally specifically for him. He was not born yet, we chose his mother and father (breeder) and waited five months till he arrived. He is a well behaved boy and loves everyone, and practically speaking, everything that moves. He hardly barks and very passionate. He is beautiful inside out.

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Millionaires Be Like

The White Whine QUOTE OF THE YEAR! “ “It just seems to me that a billionaire can come in and get whatever he wants and run roughshod over average millionaires like myself!” ”

Silicon Vally Direct Inc. is one of the best product fulfillmrnt company which provides all types of fulfillment services at very reasonable cost.

New project board inspired by HBO's "Silicon Vally". This is going to help my coding and photo/video editing!

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An Up-Close Look at Homelessness in Silicon Valley