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silicon vally in Thailand!!

from the Guardian

Silicon Valley's culture of failure … and 'the walking dead' it leaves behind

Silicon Vally Startup Failure Culture Succes Myth

5 Happy Hours: Where to Power Down & Get Buzzed in San Jose #winecountry

Access Silicon Vally Presents: San Jose Councilman Chappie Jones on rent control

2013's top 10 entry-level salaries in Silicon Valley for college students. We get college students jobs at tech companies in Silicon Valley. http://ww

RARE computer CPU IC chip Microprocessor Vintage Silicon Vally Tech gold collect -

Silicon Vally, Jared, fan out plumage


New project board inspired by HBO's "Silicon Vally". This is going to help my coding and photo/video editing!


Lital Mendel | Silicone Vally | DesignBreak