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Many people have never heard about this type of Migraine, and it is more common then you might think. It's called the Ocular Migraine This type of migraine is really scary when it happens for the first time. And unless you have experienced it, it is often difficult to explain what it is you are feeling and seeing. Read more at:

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When a dizzy spell means you've got a silent migraine

#Therapy #NHS Many sufferers are undiagnosed as they don't have headaches Dietary measures - removing things that can be triggers, such as caffeine and red wine - and vestibular rehabilitation therapy (exercises to retrain the balance mechanism of the inner ear) can also be part of the treatment. ... Dr Giorgio Lambru, a ...

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Are You Having Silent Migraines?

Are You Having Silent Migraines? Did you know you could have what's called a silent migraine without actually having a headache? Surprisingly, migraines can occur without the classic pulsing head pain. In fact, about 3 to 5% of people with chronic migraines experience such headache-free migraines, known as "silent migraines." But how can you know when you're having one, if you're not in pain?


Silent migraine - nothing to be silent about>> another article here: >> It's important to know this. Many people have silent migraines, or migraine sans pain