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Silent Bob

Louise Brooks là diễn viên và là vũ công nổi tiếng những năm 1920s. Cô trông vô cùng quyến rũ và quí phái với chiếc đầm đen được thiết kế phá cách ở phần khoét sâu hai bên ngực, choàng một chiếc khăn mỏng màu đen và cài bông hoa trắng tinh khôi. Bà để kiểu tóc bob trẻ trung, trang điểm đậm.


A Street cat Bob: James Bowen was a recovering heroin addict trying to put his life back together when he met a stray cat who needed a friend as much as he did...


#ChantalThomass Fall/Winter 2014 Inspirations Discover @ LOUISE BROOKS ( digital print ) by Rosie Emerson


Clerks....the genius beginning to a beautiful life time friendship with everything Kevin Smith


Bahahaha. If uve never seen Jay and silent bob/clerks/mall rats/chasing amy/etc... then get off ur tits and do it. ☆

from Taringa!

La actriz maldita de Hollywood, Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks really came into her own when she left Hollywood for Europe. There she appeared in a few German productions which were very well made and continued to prove she was an actress with an enduring talent. Until she ended her career in film in 1938, she had made only 25 movies. After that, she spent most of her time reading and painting. She also became an accomplished writer, authoring a number of books, including her autobiography.