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The scariest episode ever in my opinion. I could not sleep for a week and would not enter a room unless someone turned on the lights first.

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Doctor Who Silence in the Library... quote... Donna, Doctor, River Cathrine Tate, David Tennant, Alex Kingston

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Silence in the library. Librarianing like a boss! minus the fact that as soon as they pass the sign they'll forget what it said...

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Doctor Who Day 6 (Favorite Special Episode) - Silence in the Library 2 part episode. Probably one of the best episodes overall. :D

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Noooooo *heart shattering into a million pieces* I hate this part!! << OH GOSH THIS HURTS.<-- This, to me, was one of the saddest most horrible parts in the whole series.

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Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead - Behind the Scenes Steven Moffat - I expanded this a bit <scene toward the beginning of the episode with the Doctor and Donna talking in the library>, which set off David on some whole thing about the sonic screwdriver David Tennant - Oh yeah… <giggles> Steven Moffat - I get a message saying, “David is worried about whether or not the sonic screwdriver could do that” Julie Gardner - …and you were like ...

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Season 4: Silence in the Library - Even in all the sad bits of this episode, River just comes in and kinda says, "Ta-da! I'm amazing! Just you wait."

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Hahaha, you need to watch "Silence in the Library in order to fully understand this Dr. Who reference :)

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