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Igor Sikorsky Stratford, Ct. Inventor of this helicopter. I wanted to leave Delta and go to work for Sikorsky in the late 1970,s

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Floods: Connecticut Knows The Power Of Water

Bundles of food, blankets and cots from the Red Cross are loaded aboard an H-34 helicopter at the Sikorsky Aircraft flight field after the Flood of 55.

Passengers boarding a Sikorsky S-40 of Pan American Airlines at Dinner Key, Fla., 1931.

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Sikorsky Aircraft

Sikorsky Aircraft - LifeStyle

I Work At Sikorsky Aircraft

Work At Sikorsky Aircraft Hoodies - New

Work At Sikorsky Aircraft Hoodies - New

The strangest planes to take to the skies revealed

The Sikorsky S-72 was an experimental hybrid helicopter/fixed-wing aircraft developed by helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft.

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