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25 Wise Dohas By Kabir That Have All The Answers To The Complex Question Called Life

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"Before becoming a sikh, a muslim, a hindu or a christian, let's become a human first." - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji #inspiration #quotes #ydem

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Sikhism promotes equality - one who insults a woman and a woman that takes that insult both are at fault

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The 5 K's of Sikhism: Some1 says that Sikhi's, with the help of the CIA/Fockers/Bapts., gave me toxic germ that causes my right ear, gland and jaw problem. Srujana is Sikhi + others in HC, Baltimore, Nikki Haley is former Sikhi. I dont know these ppl. They assoc. me w Ben Beckmann, FARC, that CIA keeps out of prison. Personally, I dont know. Dave, please confirm.

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