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Signs Of Sepsis

from Serenity You

Meningitis - Would You Know If Your Child Had It

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Bacterial infections are PARASITE infections! Wormwood,cloves, green black walnut hulls,L-ornithine and L-arginine kills parasites. get at local health food store and visit


Know the signs of #sepsis - Spot early & treat fast equals reduction in mortality and post-sepsis complications.#WSD2014.


Shock -- This truly CAN HAPPEN to those of us with #ChronicPain if our pain is severe uncontrolled. If you start having these symptoms. notify your family, primary care doctor, pain specialist... EVERYONE who is involved with your pain -- RIGHT AWAY!! And remember, God is there for you so call out and hold on to hope even when its chance seems small.

from Parents

What EVERY Parent Needs to Know About Sepsis