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Deep in occupied Europe, US troops have now reached the Siegfried Line, defences built along French-German border.


Toblerone Building. Toblerone Line Switzerland. Dilworth House Whitworth Park Halls of Residence. Manchester. Dragon's Teeth Fortification. Siegfried line Aachen Germany

Winston Churchill with Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Chief of the Imperial General Staff Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke and General William Simpson of the 9th American Army at the Siegfried Line, just outside Aachen, Germany, on 6 March 1945.


Men of the Australian 2nd Division outside the Mairie in Bapaume. The town was occupied by the Australians on 17 March 1917, following the German withdrawal to the Siegfried Stellung (Hindenburg Line).


Then came the big day when we marched into Germany--right through the Siegfried Line." 1945.

Crossing the Seine and the advance to the Siegfried Line 24 August - December…

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Unseen images reveal life in Europe after World War II

A young guard sits with his weapon along the Siegfried Line in 1947. Originally built in the First World War, Hitler ordered its construction to be renewed after the Allies invaded France. It comprised a series of defensive structures stretching along the German border with the countries to its west