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Dead of British VII Corps, Breaching the Siegfried Line. September 1944.

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View of rows of 'dragon's teeth' on the Siegfried Line (also known as the West Wall) near the badly damaged town of Steinfeld, Germany, 1945. The so-called teeth were concrete structures about four feet high and designed to impede tank movements. (Photo by PhotoQuest/Getty Images)

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"Then came the big day when we marched into Germany--right through the Siegfried Line." US infantryman, early 1945.

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Dragon's teeth WWII American soldiers look at the dragon's teeth of the Siegfried Line - anti-tank defensive barrier.

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Two American soldiers look down on a long row of "dragon's teeth" concrete devices to halt invading tanks at the Siegfried Line. American troops move through a break in the vaunted defense line and pass into Germany. 09/15/44. (US Army Signal Corps photo)

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US troops riding on the back of M4A2 Sherman tank and on foot cross the Siegfried Line into "old" Germany as the Anglo-American all-front attack in 1944 develops. #worldwar2 #tanks

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Men of the American 7th Army pour through a breach in the Siegfried Line defenses, on their way to Karlsruhe, Germany on March 27, 1945, which lies on the road to Stuttgart. (AP Photo)

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Crossing the Seine and the advance to the Siegfried Line 24 August - December 1944: British soldiers lie on the banks of the Seine, giving their comrades covering fire during the crossing of the river near Vernon