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Sidereus nuncius : magna, longeque admirabilia spectacula pandens, suspiciendaq́ue proponens vnicuique, praesertim verò philosophis, atq́[ue] astronomis, quae à Galileo Galileo ... perspicilli nuper à se reperti beneficio sunt obseruata in lunae facie, fixis innumeris, lacteo circulo, stellis nebulosis, apprime verò in quatuor planetis circa Iouis stellam disparibus interuallis, atque periodis, celeritate mirabili circumuolutis; quos, nemini in hanc vsque diem cognitos, nouissimè author depraehendit primus; atque Medicea sidera nuncupandos decreuit : Galilei, Galileo, 1564-1642 : Free Download & Streaming

“There are tears which pierce through the earth and rise as stars in other skies. I wonder who has wept our stars?” -E.M. Cioran [Image: Galileo, The Pleiades - Sidereus Nuncius  (Starry Messenger), 1610; quote via invisiblestories)


(Midheaven) (10th house) (Saturn) (Capricorn) could be within your 9th 10th or 11th house - depending on the house system being used. I've found or realized, every house system just about changes something, none give the same results. (whole sign) Fagan/Bradley (sidereal) extract the most highly probable results - unto ones true - too the real you - soul self.